Gladius Defense & Security is designed to provide custom aerospace and defense solutions to a variety of different clients. Gladius representatives have a unique understanding of the aerospace industry to support military, civilian, and public safety customers. Our team covers multiple domains including fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, components, systems, and intelligence products. Gladius tailored solutions will ensure your organization is provided with a variety of tools to ensure mission success.

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Find the Perfect Aircraft for You

Gladius Aviation Consultants are experts in all of the world’s aircraft including helicopters, turboprops and business jets. Gladius experts will make sure we find the perfect aircraft for your day-to-day operations. We support corporate executives, general aviation pilots and private organization’s that require aircraft.

Find Customers for Your Aircraft

Gladius Aviation Consultants will make sure you find the perfect customer for your aircraft. We support helicopters, turboprops, business jets and piston engine general aviation aircraft. Our representatives can ensure your aircraft finds the best possible solution.




Gladius Defense & Security

Gladius Defense & Security’s Modern Military Aircraft is an online reference guide that features all modern military aircraft currently in service, providing specifications, in depth analysis and capability profiles. The guide also includes information on air launched weapons. Decision makers, industry experts and analyst can use Modern Military Aircraft to keep up to date with the latest information on today’s military aviation.

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